eHealth Security Experts Group

eHealth security

Background and objectives

The eHealth Security Experts Group brings together technical experts on healthcare information systems, cyber security and contingency, with representatives from service providers, healthcare organisations, healthcare authorities, academia and standardisation bodies.

This group provides ENISA with the opportunity to listen to experiences, good practices and ideas.  The group constitutes an exchange platform for the participants to address important issues relating to the security and resilience of the eHealth systems and infrastructures

The potential role of the expert is:

  • To share your knowledge and experience with ENISA and to have your view reflected in relevant position papers on eHealth security topics and validate information,
  • To participate (give presentations, participate in panels etc) in workshops  or other related events regarding eHealth systems security,
  • and to directly discuss between each other one the approaches other MS are taking towards protecting eHealth information and systems


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ENISA work on eHealth

Security and Resilience for eHealth systems and infrastructures


EG Members

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