EICS Experts Group

ENISA launches this Call for Participation to invite experts in security of Industrial implementations of Internet of Things to participate in its expert group. The ENISA Industry 4.0 Cyber Security Experts Group (EICS) is an evolution of the ENISA ICS Security Stakeholder Group (call 2014- 2017) which aims at gathering experts at the crossroads of industrial systems and Internet of Things to exchange viewpoints and ideas on cyber security threats, challenges and solutions.

ENISA defines Internet of Things as an emerging concept describing a wide ecosystem where interconnected devices and services collect, exchange and process data in order to adapt dynamically to a context. Internet of Things is tightly bound to cyber-physical systems and in this respect is an enabler of Smart Infrastructures by enhancing their quality of service provisioning.

The threats and risks related to Internet of Things devices and services are manifold and they evolve rapidly. With great impact on citizens’ safety, health and privacy, the threat landscape concerning Internet of Things is extremely wide. Hence it is important to understand what needs to be secured and to develop specific security measures to protect Internet of Things from cyber threats.

ENISA Industry 4.0 Cyber Security Experts Group is an information exchange platform that brings together experts to ensure security and resilience of the entire Internet of Things ecosystem in industrial implementations.

Experts of the EICS group shall have technical background expertise and direct exposure on one or several of the following:

  • Internet of Things with a focus on smart industry, Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT, Smart manufacturing, Smart logistics, robotics and AI applied to industrial environments and Operators of essential services;
  • Suppliers and developers of Internet of Things hardware and/or software for industrial environments;
  • Associations and not-for-profit organisations involved in Internet of Things security on top of legacy infrastructure and industrial environment;
  • Regulation bodies, academia, standardisation bodies and policy makers directly involved in the above topics.

Before applying please read the EICS group Terms of Reference and the Privacy Statement.

Are you an expert in the area of Industrial IoT security and want to become a member of the EICS group? Click here.