CaRSEC Expert Group

The ENISA Cars and Roads SECurity (CaRSEC) Expert Group gathers experts in the domains of Smart Cars and Intelligent Road Systems to exchange on cyber security threats, challenges and solutions with the objective to protect the safety of citizens.

Organisation of the group

The CaRSEC Expert Group is a trust-based expert group,

Participants meet online at regular interval to exchange on the current status of security for cars, emerging threats, and discuss potential solutions.


Call for Experts

Experts that could apply to the CaRSEC group:

  • Car manufacturing with a focus on cyber security,
  • Suppliers and developers of vehicular hardware and/or software with a focus on cyber security,
  • Associations and not-for-profit organisations involved in cars security,
  • Road authorities, academia, standardisation bodies and policy makers.

Apply to the CaRSEC Expert Group

Before applying, you must accept the terms of references. Please also read the Privacy Statement.